He's that kid we all know. The one who teaches himself Wonderwall on the guitar so he can impress his high school friends. But turns out we don't really know him at all. Because when he graduates real life shows up. He moves to LA. Wakes up. Gets inspired. Gets his heart broken. Grows up in a hurry. Discovers Hendrix, The Weeknd and the blues. Gets soaked in a barrel of bourbon and Sam Drysdale the musician is born. Velvet grit. Urban surfer. Undefinable yet true to the bone.


Sam Drysdale is Toronto bred with time in Nashville and LA colouring the mix. A world-traveling musical anomaly fusing urban blues with hip hop, R&B with a modern pop sensibility; a singer-songwriter with a voice to stop you in your tracks. Sam Cooke, John Mayer, The Weeknd, Adele, Jay-Z ... you'll find flashes of them all in Sam's music.

Anomaly yes, and that is what makes Sam so unique. He is a neon-lit west ender who loves Hawaiian shirts and combat boots. Raw and honest, surprising and evocative. Ditching cliches and bringing on the truth in all its mysterious glory. Meet Sam Drysdale.